São as complexidades do serviços de IoT que inibem o crescimento do seu negócio?
A KORE TM Data disponibiliza soluções integradas de conectividade global

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Simplifique os serviços de M2M e IoT: A KORE TM Data coloca tudo isso junto para você.

Um contrato, uma plataforma e um único provedor de serviço de M2M e IoT



Um único ponto de contato para todas as operadoras. Rede segura e com suporte 24x7.

Gestão de Conectividade

Porthos Lat permite acompanhar o consumo de todas as linhas e status de todas operadoras.

Dispositivos e soluções

A KORE Power Solutions oferece opções prontas para usar, compostas por equipamentos, conectividade, Porthos Lat e suporte técnico de alto nível.

Certificação de dispositivos

os serviços de certificação de dispositivos utilizam décadas de experiência para ajudar as empresas a introduzirem seus dispositivos no mercado de forma rápida e fácil.

We're going beyond connectivity.

KORE grows with your business.

Power Solutions

Our complete suite of end-to-end bundled solutions including routers, gateways and tablet solutions, all wrapped up with connectivity and professional services.

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Position Logic

Our Location-Based Application Solutions platform offers white-label capabilities and flexible licensing options.

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Our award-winning connectivity management platform makes it easy to manage all of your devices, regardless of technology or network.

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Learn how you can simplify the complex and empower your business with KORE Power Solutions.


Client Testimonial

Having KORE as a partner means knowing we are on
the most robust network in the country.
-Rob Flippo, CEO, MobileHelp 



IoT is transforming industries.

The Internet of Things reaches across industries and around the world. So does KORE.

Businesses that leverage IoT and M2M technologies need a comprehensive management solution to keep pace with rapid change in the industry.


M2M technology gives patients using remote monitoring devices the freedom to travel to over 180 countries worldwide and still remain under their doctor’s care without incurring roaming overages.

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Security companies utilizing M2M solutions that combine video, still picture, dispatched voice and remote sensor data services benefit from KORE's high-performance 3G and LTE networks.

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Fleet Tracking Telematics

Fleet tracking telematics and automotive M2M applications have offered companies the ability to save on fuel costs, keep up with maintenance, and enhance driver accountability.

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